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Let's rebuild stronger communities after Coronavirus

The tech exists - so why aren't the local tools available now to effectively resp…

16th June 2020

Reopening Town Centres Webinars To Be Held In Association With British BIDs

The Coronavirus crisis has led many people to appreciate the importance of local shops…

28th May 2020

Loqiva Builds A Presence In Ireland

Further to a recent equity round, Loqiva is expanding its presence to Ireland and plans…

28th March 2020

New App User Interface Announced

We're continually updating and improving Loqiva and today we're pleased to announce the…

15th January 2020

European Conference on Aging & Gerontology

This December, Loqiva will be one of the event supporters for the

25th September 2019

Loqiva to launch PalaceApp

Later this year, Loqiva will launch PalaceApp, a Beta trial of the latest version, to sup…

14th August 2019