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Purley BID and Wandsworth Town BID sign up with Loqiva for another 3 years.

Loqiva is delighted to confirm that another two of its…

30th May 2024

Retail is the same game as ever. But technology is changing all the rules

Somewhere in my attic gathering dust lies a 25 year old economics textbook.  Its pages…

30th May 2024

You can’t smell food through your phone…yet

“You can’t smell food through your phone …yet.”

30th April 2024

Necessity is the Mother of (Re)invention

Harland Sanders had some career.  In the early 1900’s he worked as a streetcar conduct…

28th March 2024

Loqiva ❤ Ellesmere

In a bid to revitalise the charm of the local high street…

28th March 2024

Roaring or Boring 20s?

Being one of the only decades with a widely accepted nick…

29th February 2024

Our Colchester BID partners with Loqiva to launch InColchester Digital Town Hub

Our Colchester BID has kicked off 2024 by launching InCol…

23rd February 2024

In Search of Character

My favourite pub is 200 years old.  It looks every bit its age.  There’s an out of…

31st January 2024

2024: Town Managers Will Make The Difference!

When looking at the bigger picture in 2024, we can probably throw the crystal ball out…

1st January 2024

Barrow BID to kick off 2024 by launching “Barrow Buzz” Digital Town Hub

Barrow BID has partnered with Loqiva to launch “Barrow…

1st January 2024

Back to the Future. The Return of Retro Tech

Technology used to have a very distinctive “look”. …

30th November 2023