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Smart Lighting – The Guiding Light for the Modern City

What makes a good city? Well-connected? Good services?…

23rd February 2023

The Party is Over for Private Cars

Have you ever hosted a party where one guest stubbornly refu…

30th January 2023

Turning Economic Crisis Into Opportunity

In 2023, mortgage payments will rise by £3000 per year for 2 million homeowners. Combine…

6th January 2023

Community, technology and loyalty – a Q&A with Loqiva co-founder Barry Conlon

When I interviewed for my role at Loqiva, I was asked a question that I wasn’t ready…

8th December 2022

How can we expect towns to thrive if we can't actually get hold of anyone?

How many telephone numbers do you know off-by-heart? I used to remember 10 or 15, but the…

6th December 2022

Black Friday's Hidden Cost

This year it seems as though we haven’t seen as much attention being put onto Black Fri…

28th November 2022

The Art of Being a Tourist at Home

“It is not down on any map; true places never are.” Herbert Melville Ther…

6th November 2022

Is it time to rebuild the walls that once surrounded our towns and cities?

I grew up in a place called Wallington on the outskirts of South London. Just down the…

26th October 2022

After a mini-budget and a conference speech, where do things stand on government support for town centres?

Consumer confidence is at its lowest level for 30 years. The high street is strugglin…

4th October 2022

South London Partnership Programme Appears On French TV

The impact of the

30th September 2022