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Lloyd's of London highlights Loqiva in IoT Report

IoT will lead to data capture and management at an unprecedented scale, according to the…

20th November 2018

Digital needs to deliver the experiential high street required by BIDs

On November 8th, Loqiva went to the BritishBIDs conference at Downing College, Cambri…

9th November 2018

A glimpse in to the future of BT at Wired Smarter

We went to¬†Wired Smarter

11th October 2018

We're looking forward to LocalGovCamp 2018.

Loqiva will be meeting 180 participants from local government at

11th September 2018

The RSA's perspective on heritage and the high street

The RSA's Andy Atkinson has recently written on The Death and Life of The High Street…

10th September 2018

Loqiva wins contract in the Old Seaport New York

The Old Seaport Alliance is a non-profit neighborhood association founded in the wake…

31st August 2018