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Posted 28th March 2024 by Barry Conlon

In a bid to revitalise the charm of the local high street, Julie Williams, the owner of the Ellesmere store Quaintly British, embarked on a groundbreaking mission. She envisioned a digital platform that could transform the landscape for local businesses and foster community engagement.

And then she discovered the innovative Love Oban app.  One download later, Julie had a light-bulb moment as she explored the platform, which seamlessly integrates events, news, and valuable information about the town. Recognizing the potential to replicate this success nationwide, Julie questioned, “Why should every town and city in the UK not have its own platform to promote local businesses, advertise events, and encourage local engagement?” With the Love Oban app setting a precedent in another town, Julie became determined to introduce a similar concept to her own charming town of Ellesmere in Shropshire.

And so, just a few weeks later, “Ellesmere Pulse” was born.  Teaming up with AJ Hunter from Project SY12 CIC, and with support from Ellesmere Chamber of Commerce, Julie and AJ are bringing a digital town hub to Ellesmere.  

Ellesmere Winter Festival

The project aims to not only enhance footfall but also to strengthen the bonds within the community, creating a dynamic hub that celebrates local businesses and fosters a sense of unity. The initiative aligns with the evolving needs of towns and cities in a digital era, fostering a vision where local communities thrive through innovative digital platforms.

What does this mean?  Well, the digital town hub includes the ultimate town app for Ellesmere residents and visitors, combined with powerful e-commerce and marketing tools for the town’s businesses, as well as analytics and communication tools for the place manager.  Or as Loqiva like to put it, #everythinglocalallinoneplace.

User on Ellesmere Pulse

Julie Williams said in relation to the launch:

“Coming from a digital background myself, I can spot great technology when I see it.  The minute I saw the Love Oban app, I realised the potential for what it could do in Ellesmere.  Then to see behind the scenes; all of the analytics, marketing features, and communication tools that we can use, it just confirmed in my mind that this was the perfect solution for our residents, visitors and business communities in our beautiful little market town.  

Ellesmere has been the hidden gem of Shropshire for too long.  Now it’s time to show it off. ”

Ellesmere may only be a small town, but it punches well above its weight.  It has a rich history dating back to the 11th Century, with local attractions such as the Ellesmere Branch Canal and the Mere that bring thousands of tourists to the region every year. 

 In more recent times, visitors have also been drawn to the diverse annual events calendar, with standout events including the Rotary Bell-Boat regatta, the Ultimate Triathlon and the Classic Car show. In addition, local independent businesses are forging a strong identity for the town with attractions like the Shropshire Distillery and the local markets in Market Hall showcasing all the colour and vibrancy of the Shropshire offering. 


So the town has a lot to promote.  And it wants the best digital solution to do it.

AJ Hunter of Project SY12 added:

“Our goal at Project SY12 is to create a thriving community hub that gives traders the chance to start or build up their businesses.  To do this, we need to provide them with the best tools available to reach their customers, whether local residents or visitors.  With Loqiva’s digital town hub we have the perfect solution that works for the whole community.”

Barry Conlon, co-founder of Loqiva said. 

‘We have seen digital town hubs thrive across the UK in places large and small.  The most important factor in the success of each platform is not the size of the population or the number of businesses, it’s the level of community spirit and the pride in local identity. 

It’s really obvious from my dealings with Julie and AJ that Ellesmere has all of these qualities in abundance.  So everything that has made a great local community in their town will make a successful digital town hub with Ellesmere Pulse.”

Ellesmere Pulse

The Ellesmere Pulse app is expected to be soft launched to businesses in April 2024 and will be available for public download by May. 

For further information and images, please contact our team at Loqiva by email at hello@loqiva.com.

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