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Administrator FAQ

  • What is Loqiva exactly?

    Loqiva is a SaaS platform that helps councils, BIDs, universities and estate owners to deliver intelligent mobile services. It’s comprised of a suite of web administered tools for platform owners and local businesses as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.

  • What does it cost?

    We don’t publish standard fees on our website as we’d prefer to speak to potential customers in the first instance. Customers are charged an annual license and a percentage fee for transactions over the platform.

  • Who owns the data?

    Our customers own any data generated by Loqiva, unless it’s been sourced from third parties, e.g. weather data, under license.

Users FAQ

  • Is the Loqiva smartphone app free to use?

    The Loqiva smartphone app is typically published with the customer’s chosen brand, e.g. MyCityApp. It’s usually free to download.

  • How can I protect my personal data and privacy?

    Loqiva requires the ability to collect and use your personal data to make recommendations about your location to you and deliver personalised citizen experiences. We are clear on how we use your data when you opt in to our service. Full terms and conditions are provided to users within the app by platform owners.

  • Will the smartphone apps be updated?

    We need to update your smartphone app to be able to publish new features and keep up to date with new technologies. You will be alerted to updates in the usual way on your phone.

Business FAQ

  • How can my business benefit from Loqiva?

    Loqiva needs to be available in your area. Usually a City Council, BID, University or Real Estate company will commission the platform. Once it’s available, you should be directed to a URL to sign up for a monthly subscription.

  • How can Loqiva help generate more revenue for my business?

    Loqiva creates a local community of users that your business is able to market to. You are able to list your business, promote offers to particular demographic groups within the community, and set GeoAlerts to encourage footfall to your premises whilst people are local to you. You can also view analytics and footfall heatmaps of your local area.


  • How much does it cost?

    The City Council, BID, University or Real Estate company in you local area will set the monthly subscription charge. This is typically set at a rate that’s affordable for independent businesses.

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