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One platform to manage your place and local community

Put local people in charge

Communities need data and essential digital tools to prosper and thrive in today's connected world. Loqiva offers a turnkey community-owned hub that's been purpose-built for towns and cities.

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Power local collaboration

Small businesses and local community organisations are short of time, knowledge and resource when it comes to understanding how technology can work for them. Loqiva makes things easy with simple interfaces and automation that runs in the background. The hub allows local engagement channels to be co-created and shared.

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Measure town health

Measure health indicators like hub engagement and local footfall and see how factors like the weather and events influence these. Having all the data in one place, owned by the community, facilitates better local decision-making.

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Be future ready

Town centres and local communities are going through significant changes. Work from home, online shopping habits through to the adoption of new technologies like EVs are transforming the way in which we use the amenities available around us. A digital town hub provides infrastructure upon which communities can effectively adapt and respond to future needs.

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One platform to manage your place and local community

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