Loqiva is the mobile gateway for your city

Put everything in one place.

Use Loqiva's Apps to help citizens and visitors navigate, access and participate in your city.

One seamless citizen user experience

Build your city around citizens, not technology providers. Avoid the need for 20 separate apps for your city and use Loqiva to build one go-to city app that connects to IoT devices for a seamless City UX.

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Streamline processes to reduce costs and increase revenue

Use real-time digital communications to reduce costs with our application suite. Use Loqiva’s demographic targeting to ensure citizens are engaged on the issues, initiatives and opportunities that matter to them. Take payments with Loqiva too.

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Automate actions and join up service lines

Program real-time alerts and recommendations when specific data-driven events occur, e.g. “Air pollution is bad, would you like to take a taxi to work today?” Use automation for public safety, service discovery and activating IoT devices like environmental sensors.

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Go product, not point solution

Customise our platform for your city. Create bespoke modules and integrate third party systems. Yet still benefit from the convenience and resilience of a managed SaaS product.

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Trigger Local Experiences

Get creative with Loqiva.

Walk through GPS zones to launch offers, content and surveys

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Connect to personalised advertising and public displays

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Create tours with our mapping system

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Message any segment of the community

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