Reduce Costs

How can Loqiva help to reduce costs?

There are lots of ways Loqiva can help your organisation to reduce costs.

  1. Digital savings - organisations still waste huge amounts of money on print and post. Email often get caught in junk or goes unread, whereas Loqiva provides  in-App and OS level instant messaging. Attach notices, alerts and communications to messages that are stored in the user's inbox on their app. Connect Loqiva to legacy systems (e.g. accounts, planning) to achieve significant cost benefits.
  2. Real-time savings - respond to situations, make decisions, take action and notify your target audiences as and when you choose. Save on delayed actions, incremental costs and processing times.
  3. High definition savings - With Loqiva, you'll be able to reach audiences in ways you haven't been able to reach them before. Send people content because you know it's interesting  to them.  Send less but better quality, more relevant content. Likewise, request feedback from defined audiences  in real-time. Loqiva has saved organisations large sums on surveys and policy consultations.
  4. Integration savings - de-silo data, content and information in ways that makes sense to people. Make all of this work more efficiently together.
  5. Location-based savings - think about how your users move around your estate. Make interventions with geoalerts that might warn them of specific dangers or issues, e.g. Flooding hazards, anti-social behaviour etc. Prevent the need for an emergency response and other associated costs.
  6. Circular economy savings - use Loqiva to monetise assets around your estate (e.g. advertising displays, parking stock) more effectively. Reduce your dependence on third-party suppliers, and leverage better margins (sometimes by up to 40-50%)  by having your own mobile payment gateway and marketplace.

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