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Aggregate audiences

Towns have lost their identity as local services have become managed by digitally-savvy private sector suppliers - parking, food delivery, e-bikes, event ticketing, neighbourhood news and so on. Fragmentation of data and audiences around these services has left town managers with less insight and control over what's in the best interests of local people.

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Integrate local services

In many cases, local authorities have the power to determine how third-party services are supplied. Instead of requiring local people to sign-up to 10+ separate apps, one integrated platform can be used to retain greater control over audiences and local people's data.

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Use APIs to connect systems

APIs are commonplace and systems today are able to 'talk to each other'. Loqiva is working with a number of third-party suppliers to integrate local services.

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Create your local SuperApp

Work with us to create a local SuperApp. An app which helps citizens to do everything in their local area, with trusted information and a centralised payment gateway.

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