Hello, we're Loqiva

We're based in London and Dublin and we're passionate about connecting communities

We're experts in building interfaces for advanced urban services

Our software is inspired by academic research, environmental science and the latest IoT technologies. We believe in public data ownership and circular economies. We have been selected as one of the UK's leading technology firms by Future Cities Catapult and Innovate UK.

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Introducing our team

We're a team of strategists, designers, technologists and developers who create practical solutions to urban challenges.

Marcus is a former creative agency owner who has spent 5+ years working on smart city related ventures. In the past, he has led digital projects for government, brands and start-ups. Marcus is passionate about creating social impact and supporting local communities.

Marcus Chidgey

Founder & CEO

Barry has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 10 years with particular focus on emerging technology. His experience includes financial services and local retail. His strengths are in communication and business strategy, and he operates with integrity and common sense across all business endeavours.

Barry Conlon

Co-founder & Director

Mitch leads on UX for Loqiva. Prior to this, Mitch worked at several media agencies in and around London. He started his career in 1999 in an analogue world focusing on paper, not pixels. He is an ardent typophile who loves the precision of pixels.

Mitchell Wood

Creative Director