Point vs Product Solutions

What's the benefit of a product like Loqiva?

When it comes to public-facing IT applications, most organisations have the opportunity to:

  • build their own point (custom) solutions.
  • provide Open Data APIs, and anticipate that others will build useful solutions on top.
  • license products from industry suppliers.

We'd like to highlight the benefits of using a licensed product like Loqiva.

There are many reasons as to why organisations should avoid point solutions, and why open data initiatives need to be led by flagship products.

Benefits of Using Loqiva

Think carefully about whether a point or a product solution is right for you:

  1. Acquire Insight - We've spent tens of thousands of hours designing and developing Loqiva. This has been informed by ongoing market research, conversations with councils around the world and real-life pilots. All of this insight and thinking has helped to create the product we have today. You get this when you buy Loqiva.
  2. Shortcut R&D - We've redesigned, recoded, refactored and refined everything we've built. We've tried ideas for new technologies that didn't quite work. In short, we've made the investment in R&D so you don't have to.
  3. Get first rate UX  - We've incorporated features and specific UX principles to help our customers to engage and retain audiences. Our admin dashboards simplify complex processes. Anyone can use Loqiva.
  4. Reduce risk - Point solutions can go wrong. Development costs can spiral out of control. Third-party APIs and frameworks have to be maintained. Internal champions leave and the products they've created lose their way. Loqiva takes away all this risk. Customers pay a set fee and benefit from a product roadmap that they can help to steer.
  5. Stay in control - Open Data initiatives are fantastic. Organisations however, need to lead by example when inspiring new data-driven solutions from the market. Use Loqiva to aggregate feeds, display data on maps and send rules-driven messages to citizens. Loqiva helps you to stay in control of ROI with Open Data and lead by example.

We believe that Loqiva is best deployed in parallel with an Open Data initiative.

Join the Loqiva Community

We're constantly updating and upgrading the Loqiva platform.

We work with our customers to develop our product roadmap. Through web conferences and surveys, customers in our community can have their say on the kind of features they would like to see next.

We take these requirements in to account and release new features every 3-6 months. The product roadmap is updated and published to customers every quarter.

We're here to help

If you're thinking about how you should approach City UX, please bear in mind what a product like Loqiva has to offer. Think carefully about what a product can do for you. Loqiva is a resource shared and developed collaboratively with other organisations like yours.  And, if you'd like to talk about your particular situation, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.