The RSA's perspective on heritage and the high street

Posted 10th September 2018 by John Needham

The RSA’s Andy Atkinson has recently written on The Death and Life of The High Street.

His article explores the challenges facing high streets today through the prism of past retail practises and the importance of local heritage. Please have a read here.

It’s a fascinating perspective. Andy closes with:

“Society has to recognise the heritage significance of retail led social exchange in creating place, then we have to find and share the tools to apply the values of heritage, with tomorrow’s adapted retail and other mixed uses, to in-your-face economic reality.”

We created Loqiva to combine local commerce and civic engagement in one integrated platform. The challenges facing the high street today are multifaceted. We hope that, by increasing the number of ways local residents can engage with their community (e.g. publishing heritage tours and targeted planning surveys) as well as publishing commercial offers from local businesses, Loqiva can play a vital role in the rebirth of the high street.

Photo Credit: Ian Capper

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