Solomon and Loqiva partner to offer a complete town engagement solution

Posted 31st August 2021 by Marcus Chidgey

An API now connects Solomon to Loqiva so levy payer data can be synched automatically between the two platforms.

Solomon is used by over 50 BIDs in the UK to manage their relationships with levy payers. The third generation of the Solomon platform comprises of a suite of levy payer management, project tracking and data management tools.

Loqiva provides smartphone apps and digital town hub software to BIDs and Councils in the UK, Ireland and the USA. The company is currently installing hubs for the South London Partnership, a group of five London borough councils, complete with IoT footfall tracking sensors.

The partnership means that Solomon customers can launch a sophisticated local app and levy payer publishing platform for their town centre within weeks. The work for BIDs is kept to an absolute minimum thanks to the API data connection.

Simon Zimmerman, CEO of Solomon says, “We trialled the Loqiva platform integration with the Jewellery Quarter BID in Birmingham and it’s been a phenomenal success.”

“The big difference is that our smartphone app and hub is installed and branded specifically for each town.” says Barry Conlon, Loqiva’s Commercial Director. “The goal at Loqiva is to go beyond loyalty to a place where BIDs and levy-payers can measure, manage and influence town centre footfall in real time.”

Marcus Chidgey, CEO of Loqiva says, “Solomon and Loqiva is an extremely powerful combination because each platform excels at what it does. We’re excited about what the future holds for the partnership.”

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