Loqiva goes to New York to roadshow platform to cities and commercial partners.

7th February 2018
7th February 2018 Marcus Chidgey

Loqiva goes to New York to roadshow its smart capabilities

Loqiva’s CEO Marcus Chidgey travelled to New York this week to roadshow Loqiva to cities in New York and New Jersey. He says:

In the US, public-private partnerships are creating shared revenue streams, lower costs and improved public facilities.

Citizen engagement is crucial to financing these projects because the revenues from verticals like parking, OOH media, city wifi and so on are used to support the initial investment in smart infrastructure.

With integrated payments, Loqiva offers a ‘one touch’ transaction capability, supported by real-time notifications, for all smart city services.

Marcus met with a number of cities, telecoms companies and business organisations, including the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce.

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