What is LoqivaIQ?

LoqivaIQ is the sophisticated data processing engine which powers Loqiva's application suite. It performs a number of key tasks:

  1. Data Ingest Management - LoqivaIQ pulls in data from third party feeds, sorts and stores it. It also discards data it doesn't require any longer.
  2. Real-time Algorithmic Processing - LoqivaIQ constantly assesses  the user's situation according to the system's parameters and presents the most relevant information it has available.
  3. Language Processing - LoqivaIQ understands words so as to better contextualise language.
  4. Rules Engine Delivery - Having processed all  incoming data, LoqivaIQ can make automated decisions and action pre-programmed events.

LoqivaIQ is concerned with personalising and contextualising two-way multi-channel communications. It doesn't manage IoT infrastructure in the form of  devices, networks or interoperability. This is why it's an excellent partner solution for large IoT platforms.

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