Cloud Intelligence that personalises the citizen experience

Connect people to smart infrastructure across your IoT Estate in a way that drives relevancy and consistency.

Digital Displays

Contextually aware content

Display rich content at key locations that citizens can engage with and use to navigate the urban landscape. Display landmarks, attractions, traffic, directions, contextually relevant information and more using Loqiva.

Integrated Systems

Simple to connect

Easily include existing systems, such as beacons, payments, displays and more. No wasting time with repetitive administration and duplicating content.

One-Touch Payments

Payments made easy

Incorporate existing payment solutions and streamline the process for citizens by using One-Touch payments. Citizens can easily pay for things such as parking, tax, bookings all from their phone.

Key Access

Get Local Businesses Involved

Provide your business partners access to the modules relevant to them, allowing them to add their own content, rewards and more. With access to their own analytics based on their content, they can easily see who they are reaching and how hard Loqiva is working for them.  

Key Access

Flexible & Adaptable

Expand your system with Third Party APIs allowing more control from Loqiva’s admin panel, or export Loqiva’s own for use in your locations other devices. 

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