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Use Loqiva to create features that make your estate unique

Build smart features in to your development with Loqiva

Use Loqiva to build smart features in to communities of 10,000 residents upwards. Integrate Loqiva with smart street furniture, wayfinding, EV charging points and key access (e.g. gyms/basketball courts) for your residents.

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Discover new income streams

Build Loqiva in to your financial models. Forecast revenues generated from local business subscriptions, as well as goods and services sold to local residents, through the Loqiva platform.

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Create a powerful tool to help sell and market your estate

Use a custom branded App to promote your estate brand. Create welcome tours and advertise the app to prospective property buyers. List properties with a custom module we can design with you that pulls content from your existing website.

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Build genuinely happier communities

Loqiva brings together businesses, community managers and residents to form cohesive communities. Grow the social and commercial fabric of your development with the latest smart technology provided by Loqiva.

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Get creative with Loqiva.

Walk through GPS zones to launch offers, content and surveys

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