Fast, powerful & effective

Loqiva helps you to build core functionality rapidly, whilst still being versatile enough to customise your digital place to your needs.


Modules & Branding

Adapts to your needs

Loqiva is styled to a theme which can be customised to your requirements. Adapt the App and Dashboard to reflect your brand identity.

Quick Start-Up

Up and running within days

Order Loqiva and we’ll have your Dashboard up and running within days, meaning you can start adding content straight away. The length of a complete installation will vary depending on your location & level of ambition.


Understand your visitors

Discover unidentified points of need. See who’s visiting your local area, where they go and when they are present. Provide better services by having an understanding of visitor demographics.


Deep dive in to your digital place

View heatmaps of your digital place, measure interaction frequencies with beacons and get average dwell times in specific areas. Get new perspectives on how your digital place is being used.

Usability Focused

Designed to save you time

Loqiva was built from the ground up with the user in mind. Features designed to make set up and maintenance as intuitive and streamlined as possible ensure you get the most out of your project.

Integrated Business Portals

Grow an ecosystem

Provide local businesses with access to Loqiva to upload content, view analytics and trigger alerts. Quarantine all content or filter for keywords or profanities. Allow businesses to gamify income opportunities with alert locations and analytics.

Easy Access

Update from Anywhere

Loqiva is mobile-responsive enabling anyone with access to check in, see their latest stats and keep their content up-to-date.

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